Too much pressure in everyday life?

With screen printing, you can happily let it all out in a chirpy way. To become a real squeegee, you don't need any previous knowledge, just a little time and a lot of enthusiasm.

In the screen printing workshop, you can print your own designs on posters, stickers, fabrics and much more.

- What can be printed with image examples? Sticker foil, wood, paper, fabric

- How does it work?

- Presentation of the local workshop (equipment, inks and screen printing book ;) ) with photos

- Presentation of the mobile screen printing workshop (Unfortunately, have only a few photos of the moving bike with trailer.... But not how someone prints in the sunshine)

- Prices for own use of the workshop and rough estimation of material costs (local and mobile)

- Otherwise just a note that you can also request workshops

Our donation recommendations

The next open workshop dates

- Times of the Open Workshop with donation recommendation (With link to the association calendar, so you can see if it's cancelled or not) -> Important: Konglomerat is not a service provider, but a self-made workshop. Open workshop is only for getting to know the technology

- Requirements for print preparation: What kind of files you need or with which pens, materials etc. you can paint best on foil