Too much pressure in everyday life?

With screen printing, you can happily let it all out in a chirpy way. To become a real squeegee, you don't need any previous knowledge, just a little time and a lot of enthusiasm.

In the screen printing workshop, you can print your own designs on posters, stickers, fabrics and much more.

What is possible with us? Take a look at our workshop equipment here!

Open screen printing workshop

Our screen printing workshop is open twice a month for anyone who is interested. Anyone and everyone, with or without previous knowledge, can come by and get a small impression of our screen printing workshop. It is possible to print your own motif in small quantities (less than 5 pieces) on paper or fabric. At the open workshop it is therefore possible to make your own small project, or simply have the basics of screen printing explained to you.

Our next open workshops

A binding pre-registration by e-mail is mandatory for the open workshop! Please send us an e-mail to at least two days before the open workshop date. Please also note that an open workshop date may be canceled/postponed from time to time. We endeavor to announce such events here at least 3 days in advance.

Workshop use

You can also use our workshop! As a club member at any time (after prior introduction to the basics of screen printing) and as an external user in consultation with us. Basically, we are happy to prepare the screens and remove the coating again! If you would like to use the workshop, just write an email to

Our donation recommendations

Mobile workshop

If it is not possible to come to our workshop or you need a small printing area at your annual party, you are welcome to borrow our mobile screen printing workshop. If you are interested, simply write to

- Times of the Open Workshop with donation recommendation (With link to the association calendar, so you can see if it's cancelled or not) -> Important: Konglomerat is not a service provider, but a self-made workshop. Open workshop is only for getting to know the technology

- Requirements for print preparation: What kind of files you need or with which pens, materials etc. you can paint best on foil